We, as human beings, are marvels. High tech combinations of physical form, mind, emotions and energy that are designed to function with ease. We (our bodies) know how to digest food, how to eliminate waste, how to distribute water molecules, all without the conscious mind thinking about it. We breathe without having to think about it. This body/mind complex can heal the smallest of cuts and mend its own broken bones. It can make a baby! This body is a house in which emotions are felt. It has a mind, a memory, thoughts, an intellect. 5 senses! It dreams. It has intuitions and hunches. It has the greatest ability to balance, to come out of balance, to find it’s balance again. It knows how to store stress and it knows how to release it.

Every individual is unique with unique challenges and strengths. I use combinations of therapeutic interventions from eastern and western perspectives to assess then meet each person where they are at. Clients find that excess stress, strain and pain begin to dissolve as they access the well being that lies within. Functional muscle education, massage therapy both medical and relaxation, yoga, breathing, meditation and sleeping yoga are current tools in the toolkit. I love working with people who have a strong curiosity about what makes them tick and an enormous heart felt desire for health and happiness.

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What my clients say...

I started seeing Marthe when I was dealing with the challenges of multiple health issues - cancer surgery and radiation treatments that were complicated by an autoimmune disease.

I came not knowing exactly what I needed to heal. But thanks to Marthe's intuitiveness and multi-disciplinary approach, she tailors her treatments to just what I need at the time. Each time I see her, I never know how the treatment will unfold, because she does not use a one size fits all approach. She assesses where I am at each time I show up at her office and together we decide where to go from there. Part of my healing process has been learning to take care of my whole self, and I have found that Marthe cares for my mind, body and spirit. Her insights into how to empower myself to heal has given me faith and awareness, and has put me more in tune with my own body. She is also an excellent resource of information, and has referred me to other practitioners and community resources. Marthe helped me through this very difficult time and I continue to seek her expertise to maintain balance in my life.

- Patrick Houston