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About Marthe Murphy


Marthe Murphy has been a practicing massage therapist, functional movement educator and practitioner of the healing arts for over 25 years. She’s worked in a variety of settings with physicians, chiropractors, yoga masters and First Nation’s peoples. She has been teaching structural yoga to groups and individuals since 1999. She is a full and registered member with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, and the Yoga Alliance (US).


Marthe holds certificates/designations in the following:

  • Advanced Massage: Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton
  • Craniosacral Therapy, Levels I and II: Upledger Institute, USA
  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy: St. John Institute, USA
  • Yoga Teacher (200 Hr) Edmonton
  • Yoga Teacher Training (300 Hr): Guru Kula Institute, USA
  • Yoga Therapy (350 Hr): Guru Kula Institute, USA
  • iRest Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher: Integrative Restoration Institute, USA
  • Myofasclal Release (Barnes) Level I

What my clients say...

I work with a 33 year old special needs individual who has joined me in the YogMed classes. It was amazing to witness this young lady’s posture improve from hunched over to almost perfectly erect in an 8 week time span, For myself, I found the classes to be very accommodating. Marthe would often adjust exercises I found too easy, to increase the challenge and as I have fibroids, she also gave alternative exercises to do that would not create pain in my lower belly It was a privilege to be in a class where I felt looked after. Marthe knows how to assess situations and uses her knowledge base as a springboard. Her classes are fun and easy going, but she makes us work so we can get the results we desire.

- Heidi Krieger